[For Ios] 30 Hz Tour De Pharmacy


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Seems weird, but the cast is awesome. Like, really awesome. Hell, this might be funny. Really funny. Guess I'm gonna have to watch it...



This is supposed to be funny right? That's cute.

1 like = kiss crush 1 sub = smash crush Ignore = die of AIDS This looks so random and shitty, i love it. Love sexy Andy :) This is what happens when you train super hard... on the bicycle Love that line I thought Heath Ledger had returned from the dead and started taking steroids when I first saw the thumbnail. Finally a comedy that looks funny


this was funny I'm just going to say it. This looks like shit.



Did i see cena, or iam the only one This is what you get when celebs got drunk and high on drugs at a party 6 months ago. DAVEED


I'm only going to be watching it because of all the amazing actors I'm not too keen on the storyline if I'm honest





  • 1000 / 1000